Policy Rules

Security policies can be as general or specific as needed. Policy rules are compared against incoming traffic in sequence, and because the first rule that matches the traffic is applied, the more specific rules must precede the more general ones. For example, a rule for a single application must come before a rule for all applications if all other traffic-related settings are the same.

Policy rules are composed of policy objects that contain specified policy parameters. Create policy objects at the time of policy rule creation or separately.

Do the following at Policies > Policy Rules:

  • View the list of existing rules

  • Add, edit, duplicate, and delete rules

  • Move rule priority

  • Enable and disable rules

  • Filter and clear filter rules

  • Deploy all rules

  • Search

  • If you deploy the Cloud Edge gateway with hardware switch chipset in Bridge Mode, the Balanced and High Security intranet security setting supports policy rules for intranet traffic.

  • The High Speed intranet security settings does not support policy rules for intranet traffic.

  • All three intranet security settings support policy rules on the external network.