Adding/Editing Service Objects

Purpose: Add or edit services to limit the port numbers applications can use.

Location: Policies > OTHER OBJECTS > Services > Add / Edit

  1. Specify a name.
  2. Specify an optional description.
  3. Select the protocol.
    • TCP

      Transmission Control Protocol

    • UDP

      User Datagram Protocol

    • ICMP

      Internet Control Message Protocol

    • ICMPv6

      Internet Control Message Protocol for IPv6

      Cloud Edge supports IPv6 protocols if the Cloud Edge gateway is running in Bridge Mode or as a Software Switch deployment.

      You must choose IPv4 protocols for services used in Routing Mode deployments.

    For TCP and UDP, also specify the port details. The destination port can be a single port (22), multiple single ports (22, 23), as a range of ports (22-80), or any combination of those options. Specify up to 15 port segments.

    For ICMP, also specify the ICMP type [0-255] and the ICMP code [0-255]. Use a comma to separate multiple entries.

    For ICMPv6, also specify the ICMPv6 type [0-255] and the ICMPv6 code [0-255]. Use a comma to separate multiple entries.

  4. Optionally specify a description.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Verify the service appears in the objects list.