Adding/Editing Interface Group Objects

Purpose: Add or edit interface group objects to collect one or more available interface objects into a group for a selected gateway.

Location: Policies > INTERFACE OBJECTS > Interface Groups > Add

  1. Specify a name for the interface group object.
  2. Optionally specify a description.
  3. Device is read-only and is pre-populated with the device chosen under the gateway drop-down box on the main Interface Group page.
  4. Select one or more interfaces from the Interfaces box to add to the interface group.

    The list of possible interfaces is predefined for each gateway model. The actual list of interfaces is dependent on factors such as whether VLANs exist, whether the gateway is configured for Routing Mode or Bridge Mode, and so on.

    When Cloud Edge gateway's heartbeat has not send the interface information, the list will use the predefined interfaces. Otherwise, the list will be the actual interfaces.

  5. Click Save.