MAC Addresses

MAC objects determine policy actions based on MAC addresses. Once an endpoint with a corresponding MAC address connects to the Cloud Edge gateway, Cloud Edge maps the MAC address to record the IP address, user name, gateway name, manufacturer, and last access time (most recent Internet access through the Cloud Edge gateway). Cloud Edge attempts to resolve the host name every 8 hours.

Cloud Edge gateways collect MAC addresses from any endpoint that connects to the gateway and sends this information to Cloud Edge Cloud Console. Cloud Edge Cloud Console automatically generates MAC address objects based on the gathered information.

  • For Bridge Mode or Software Switch deployments, if a MAC address has both an IPv4 and IPv6 address associated to it, Cloud Edge maps both the IPv4 and IPv6 address to the MAC address.

  • For Routing Mode deployments, Cloud Edge maps the IPv4 address to the MAC address.

Set security policies for specific source addresses by defining MAC addresses or editing existing collected MAC address objects.