Applications and Application Groups

Internet-based applications have grown in popularity beyond using the browser to surf websites. Even with corporate usage policies, many companies are unable to curb and regulate the use of those applications. Recent findings show that 75% to 80% of corporate users ignore their company's endpoint usage policies. To avoid significant risk, Application Control automatically discovers popular Internet applications and allows you to set policies that limit application access.

Cloud Edge provides visibility and policy control over 1000 application types running across any port, including applications using custom clients (Skype, BitTorrent, P2P) or leveraging Web 2.0 technologies within the browser (social networking, web mail, and streaming media sites). Flexibly block applications or allow applications but granularly control the activities within the application, such as uploading files, watching video, or playing specific games.

To avoid creating multiple policies blocking a specific application, group applications to allow one policy to block them.