Adding/Editing Approved or Blocked FQDNs or IP addresses

Purpose: Add or edit approved and blocked lists to override the FQDN or IP address filtering parameters in policies.

Location: Policies > Approved/Blocked Lists > Add > Add FQDNs/IP addresses

  1. Specify/modify the list of FQDN or IP addresses. Bridge Mode or Software Switch

    Cloud Edge supports IPv6 if the gateway is running in Bridge Mode or as a Software Switch deployment.

    • You can add both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.
    • FQDNs entries can resolve to either IPv4 or IPv6 addresses.
    Routing Mode

    Cloud Edge does not support IPv6 if the gateway is running in Routing Mode.

    • For approved and blocked list entries, you can add only IPv4 addresses.

    • FQDNs entries must resolve to IPv4 addresses.


    To match:

    • An exact string of FQDN, type

    • A wildcard FQDN, type *.com, *, or *


      As indicated by the previous examples, FQDN objects support usage of the wildcard character (*) for fuzzy match. Be aware to only use the wildcard at the beginning of an FQDN, rather than in the middle or at the end of an FQDN.

    • An exact IPv4 address, type

    • A range of IPv4 addresses, type

    • An IPv4 segment network address, type

    • An exact IPv6 address, type fd00:1:1111:200::1fff

    • A range of IPv6 addresses, type fd00:1:1111:200::1000-fd00:1:1111:200::1fff

    • An IPv6 segment network address, type fd00:1:1111:200::1000/116

  2. Select the gateway groups to apply the approved or blocked list.

    Use the search box to search for the gateway groups.

  3. Click Save.