Virtual Private Networks

Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology is generally used to ensure that employees working off-site can remotely access their corporate network with appropriate security measures in place. In general terms, authentication is the process of attempting to verify the (digital) identity for both accessing network resources and logging on the VPN network. VPN leverages existing infrastructure (the Internet) to securely build and enhance existing connectivity. Based on standard secure Internet protocols, VPN implementation enables secure links between special types of network nodes, secure gateways. Site-to-site VPN ensures secure links between gateways. User VPN ensures secure links between gateways and remote access clients.

A typical Cloud Edge deployment allows users to remotely connect to the corporate network resources using VPN. Other remote sites are guarded by Cloud Edge and strict security policies regulate communication between all network resources and the remote endpoint.

Cloud Edge supports IPV4-to-IPV4 VPN access.