Adding/Editing Health Check SLAs

Purpose: Add or edit Health Check SLAs which can measure the health of links connected to SD-WAN member interfaces.

Location: Gateways > (Selected Gateway) > SD-WAN > SLAs

  1. On the Add/Edit Health Check SLA > General page, specify the SLA Name, Description, Monitor Server, and Type of protocol. Click Add Server to add a second server. (Note: A second server can be added and it can also be removed if not needed.) Then click Next.
  2. On the Add/Edit Health Check SLA > SLA Parameters page, choose SLA parameters from the recommended SLAs or enter custom parameter(s). Also specify the parameters for Latency, Jitter, and Packet Loss. Note: Cloud Edge Cloud Console (CECC) provides 4 pre-defined SLAs (VoIP-Video, Audio-Streaming, General Web, and Office 365) (see the Recommended SLA Type and Description table), Then click Next.
  3. On the Add/Edit Health Check SLA > Link Check Status page, configure the thresholds and interval for link check status. Then click Next.
  4. On the Add/Edit Health Check SLA > Action When Inactive page, disable static routes when SLA parameters cannot be met by selecting Update Static Route. (Note: If enabled when a link is inactive, the static routes on that link are removed, and traffic is routed through other links. When the link is active again, the static routes are re-enabled.) Then click Save. After you click Save, it takes you back to the Manage SLAs page.