Routing Mode: Editing Wireless Network Interfaces

Purpose: Manage the wireless network interface settings for selected gateways. After a gateway in Routing Mode is registered you must edit all wireless network interfaces from Cloud Edge Cloud Console.

Location: Gateways > (Selected Gateway) > NETWORK > Interfaces

  1. Click a wireless network interface's name.

    The wireless network interface name is read-only and is preset to the SSID assigned to that wireless network.

  2. Configure the interface settings.
    Option Description


    This is a read-only field where Type is pre-set to L3.


    This is a read-only field where the mode is pre-set to Static.

    IPv4 address

    Specify the IPv4 address (example:

    IPv4 netmask

    Specify the IPv4 subnet mask (example:

    IPv4 default gateway

    Specify the IPv4 default gateway (example: This settings is only required for WAN configurations.


    Specify a value from 576 through 1500.


    Select Overwrite and specify a value from 536 through 1460.


    The MSS value must not be greater than (MTU - 40).

    If MTU on the wlan interface is modified, MSS must be set correspondingly (MSS value is less than MTU - 40).

  3. Click Save.