Bridge Mode: Editing Network Interfaces

Purpose: Manage the network interface settings for selected gateways. After a gateway in Bridge Mode is registered (including the Software Switch variation of Bridge Mode), you can edit only the MGMT interface from Cloud Edge Cloud Console.

Location: Gateways > (Selected Gateway) > NETWORK > Interfaces

  1. Click an interface's name.
  2. Configure the interface using static mode settings.
    Option Description


    Select L3.

    If there are any outstanding setting changes on Cloud Edge Cloud Console, you cannot change the interface type until after you click Deploy All to make the existing changes effective.


    This is a read-only field where the mode is pre-set to Static.

    IPv4 address

    Specify the IPv4 address (example:

    IPv4 netmask

    Specify the IPv4 subnet mask (example:


    Specify a value from 576 through 1500.


    Select Overwrite and specify a value from 536 through 1460.


    The MSS value must not be greater than (MTU - 40).

  3. Click Save.