Bridge Mode VLANs

Review the following information to understand how Cloud Edge supports VLANs in Bridge Mode.

Bridge Mode Supported Interfaces

  • Cloud Edge 5.3 or later devices: Only the MGMT interface is supported for VLAN configuration

  • Cloud Edge earlier than 5.3: All interfaces except eth0 and eth1 are supported for VLAN configuration

  • Bridge interface (br0 or sw0): Does not support VLAN configuration

Bridge Mode Considerations

There are special considerations when configuring VLANs in Bridge Mode.

  • Cloud Edge does not natively support VLANs like a standard switch, which leads to the following limitations:
    1. You cannot configure access/trunk mode on a Cloud Edge port, so Cloud Edge cannot tag or untag any pass-through traffic.
    2. Cloud Edge cannot isolate broadcast or multicast traffic from different VLANs.
  • Cloud Edge can only support pass-through VLAN traffic by keeping existing VLAN tags. Cloud Edge provides all security functions on pass-through VLAN traffic.

Bridge Mode Scenario

If Cloud Edge is deployed on a trunk link, Trend Micro recommends that you only use two Cloud Edge ports:

  • Connect WAN to the upstream trunk port.

  • Connect LAN1 to the downstream trunk port.


Do not connect more than two ports on a trunk link.


If you are deploying a gateway with hardware switch chipset or other model in software switch mode, connect the WAN port to the upstream trunk port and any LAN port to the downstream trunk port.

The following scenario depicts the recommended Bridge Mode deployment.

In this scenario, to register the Cloud Edge gateway with Cloud Edge Cloud Console, you must set up the gateway in a native VLAN.

  • On a trunk link, all traffic is carried with VLAN tags except the traffic that belongs to the native VLAN. The Cloud Edge gateway itself can only send traffic without a VLAN tag.
  • Therefore, if br0 is configured with DHCP, you must setup the DHCP server and gateway on a native VLAN. If br0 is configured with a static IP address, you must setup the gateway on a native VLAN.