Adding/Editing VLAN Interfaces

Purpose: Add an L3 VLAN interfaces to the Cloud Edge physical interface that receives VLAN-tagged packets. You must configure each L3 VLAN interface with a unique IPv4 address and netmask. You can edit VLAN interfaces if needed.

Location: Gateways > (Selected Gateway) > NETWORK > Interfaces

  1. Review the important information about how VLANs work with Cloud Edge gateways before adding a VLAN interface.

    How to Deploy Cloud Edge With VLANs

  2. Perform the appropriate action:
    • To add a VLAN, click the VLAN add configuration icon ()() in the Action column.
    • To edit a VLAN, click the VLAN name in the VLAN section.

    The Add/Edit VLAN page opens.


    You cannot add VLAN interfaces to wireless interfaces.

  3. Specify VLAN settings.
    • Name: Name the VLAN interface.
    • Type: L3 VLAN displays automatically and is read-only.

      L2 VLANs are not supported.

    • Mode: Select either DHCP or Static.

      For static, specify IPv4 address and IPv4 netmask.

    • VLAN ID: Specify the VLAN ID, which must match the VLAN ID of the packets received by this VLAN interface.

      Each VLAN interface VLAN ID must match the VLAN ID added by the IEEE 802.1Q-compliant router or switch connected to the VLAN interface. The VLAN ID can be any number between 1 and 4094 (0 and 4095 are reserved).

      You cannot change the VLAN ID of an existing VLAN interface.

  4. Click Save.