DDNS Status Messages

The Dynamic DNS > Status tab shows the current DDNS running status, including current interface (auto-discovered or specified), WAN IP address, and status message.

Possible status messages include:

  • ERROR: Authentication failed
  • ERROR: Account hasn't been activated
  • ERROR: Invalid or unregistered domain info
  • ERROR: Internet access unavailable or can't connect to service vendor
  • ERROR: Used some paying user only features, such as HTTPS connection service, related settings has been reset
  • ERROR: Service unavailable Message from Service Vendor
  • ERROR: No Available WAN IP detected
  • ERROR: No suitable IP on specified interface
  • ERROR: Service Interface may have changed, please contact Trend Micro for updating
  • ERROR: Too many authentication failures, the account was banned temporarily
  • ERROR: Invalid or unregistered sub domain info
  • ERROR: Update host in a round robin way is not allowed.
  • ERROR: Unknown error, please check your internet access.
  • Not Enabled