Configuring Dynamic DNS Settings

Purpose: Configure basic settings according to the service vendor. The information needed varies between different services. Basically, each service requires the domain name, account, and password information.

Location: Gateways > (Selected Gateway) > NETWORK > Dynamic DNS

  1. Enable Dynamic DNS by selecting On.
  2. Select a Vendor.

    Available vendors are DynDNS, FreeDNS, and DNSPod.

    If a version earlier than Cloud Edge 5.5 is installed on the gateway, the DNSPod option will not be available in the Vendor drop-down box.

  3. Perform the appropriate action:
    • For DynDNS or FreeDNS, enter the User name and Password.
    • For DNSPod, enter the User id and User token.
  4. Enter the domain information:
    • For DynDNS or FreeDNS, enter the FQDN in Domain.
    • For DNSPod, enter the host name in Host record and the domain name in Domain.
  5. Select the WAN interface:
    Auto: (Default) Cloud Edge auto-discovers an interface with a non-private IP address according to RFC 1597.
    (Interface Name): Select the WAN interface from the list of available interfaces (for example, WAN or LAN1).
  6. If DynDNS was selected in Vendor, optionally enable HTTPS.

    DynDNS provides HTTPS connections as an option. Other vendors (such as FreeDNS) do not expose the HTTPS interface, while DNSPod requires mandatory HTTPS connections.

  7. Click Save.