Editing DHCP Settings

Purpose: Modify the gateway DHCP settings.

Location: Gateways > (Selected Gateway) > NETWORK > DHCP > Add/Edit

  1. Review the following information as needed:
  2. Configure DHCP settings.
    Option Description

    Enable DHCP

    Select to enable the service.

    IP address / Netmask

    The IPv4 address and subnet mask assigned to the interface.

    Preferred DNS

    Select the preferred DNS method.

    • Select Use system DNS settings to use the gateway system DNS configured at Network > DNS.

    • Select Use the interface IP address to use the interface IPv4 address as the DNS.

    • Select Use specified DNS servers to manually configure IPv4 addresses as the DNS settings.


    The DHCP server gateway automatically populates based on interface IPv4 address and netmask settings. Optionally change the IPv4 gateway address.

    IP address range from and to

    Specify the range of IPv4 addresses to create the IP address pool to which the DHCP configuration applies.

  3. Configure Advanced Settings.
    • For Lease time, adjust the time and date when the leased IPv4 address and netmask are no longer valid.

      Specify days, hours, or minutes. For example, if you specify only hours, then the lease is restricted to that number of hours.

    • You can use static mapping to manually bind a static IPv4 address to a specific MAC address.

      For Static mapping, specify MAC address / IPv4 address maps. You can enter multiple maps as a comma-delimited list. Example:

      00-FF-8A-B9-5A-49 /, 00:0C: 29:A9:69:25 /

  4. Click Save.