You can enable Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) services on one or more LAN interfaces on the Cloud Edge gateway. Each interface that has DHCP services enabled acts as a DHCP server that can assign IPv4 addresses and other network settings such as a default gateway and DNS settings to internal clients.

Cloud Edge automatically responds to DHCP requests directed to interfaces configured with DHCP services.

  • When assigning DNS addresses to a client, you can configure DHCP to use the system DNS settings, the interface IPv4 address, or you can manually specify a list of DNS IPv4 addresses.
  • You can configure the IPv4 address pool that the DHCP server can use to assign addresses to the DHCP clients.

    Cloud Edge supports multiple pools. You can create a separate DHCP pool for each interface.

  • You can also configure DCHP advanced server settings (IPv4 address static mappings and DHCP lease times) for each DHCP server.