Administrative Access

You can use Cloud Edge Cloud Console to configure a Cloud Edge gateway's management interface to allow or block specific types of management services (or traffic) that originates from IPv4 devices behind the gateway. The Cloud Edge gateway supports administrative access from IPv4 clients using the On-Premises Console, Ping, SSH, and SNMP services.

If the Cloud Edge gateway is not registered with Cloud Edge Cloud Console, you can use the on-premises console to enable administrative access when editing an L3 interface. After the gateway is registered, you must use Cloud Edge Cloud Console to enable or disable administrative access to the gateway.

Once SNMP is enabled, you must configure SNMP settings using the Cloud Edge gateway's on-premises console by going to Administration > Device Management > SNMP Settings. After enabling and configuring SNMP support, users can obtain the supported objects information by using an SNMP manager.

For Cloud Edge gateways with wireless network functionality, you can enable administrative access on the main or guest wireless networks. You should be mindful of security concerns when allowing administrative access on the guest wireless network.