The number of gateways available to register with Cloud Edge Cloud Console depends on your maintenance agreement with Trend Micro.

After registering a gateway, click the name to do the following:

  • View general information about the gateway

  • View information about the gateway's system status

  • Use the ping, traceroute, and ARP network tools to troubleshoot gateway IPv4 network connectivity issues

  • View gateway network events, system events, VPN events, and policy enforcement logs

  • Configure how the Cloud Edge gateway behaves when the traffic load is high

  • Configure network settings

  • Configure intranet security mode settings for gateways with hardware switch chipset

  • View wireless network settings for gateways that support wireless networking

  • Configure wireless network access control settings and manage wireless client connections for gateways that support wireless networking

  • Configure bandwidth control

  • Configure User VPN

  • Configure Site-to-Site VPN

  • Configure end user authentication and TTL cache settings

  • Configure LDAP settings for authentication (not supported in Japan)

  • Update the Cloud Edge gateway

  • Configure WFBSS Endpoint Protection, an integrated solution with Worry Free Business Security Services (WFBSS)

  • Configure Suspicious Endpoints to provide network access control for endpoints on which C&C callbacks above a configured threshold are detected

Note: You cannot configure or view information about VPNs for Cloud Edge gateway models that do not support VPN.