Gateway Actions



Add a new gateway group.

Change the display name that appears for the gateway.

Move the gateway to a different gateway group.

You cannot move a gateway if it is in an HA group.

Replace the gateway hardware by providing a new gateway serial number.

You must replace a gateway that is part of an HA group with the same model as the original gateway. You must apply patches that were applied to the original gateway to the replacement gateway. Also reapply engine/pattern updates to the replacement gateway.

Change the gateway's on-premises console password.

For gateways that are part of an HA group, change password for each gateway independently.

Update gateway components to stay protected from the latest security threats.

Remotely restart the gateway.

Delete the gateway from Cloud Edge Cloud Console. This gateway still scans for security threats on-premises but cannot receive remote commands or updates.

You cannot delete a gateway if it is in an HA group.