HA Group – Monitor Interfaces and Takeover Triggers

When creating Cloud Edge HA groups, you configure monitor interfaces that are used to do basic interface and protocol monitoring to determine if failover conditions are met. You can also configure the takeover thresholds for heartbeat and ping takeover triggers.

  • Monitor interface: Cloud Edge performs basic target tracking for selected physical interfaces (WAN and some LAN ports). It is recommended that you select all available physical interfaces for monitoring.

  • Monitor IP/FQDN: You can enter up to two IP addresses or FQDNs to monitor for each of the selected monitor interfaces.

  • Takeover triggers: Cloud Edge tracks heartbeat and ping thresholds.

    Takeover will be initiated if either takeover trigger is met.

    If two monitor hosts are configured, takeover occurs if pings to both hosts fails. Ping failure to one of the two hosts does not result in takeover. If there is only one monitor host, failover is triggered if the ping threshold on that host is reached.