Configuring WFBSS Endpoint Protection

Purpose: Configure to bolster your gateway security against emerging threats.

Location: Gateways > (gateway name) > NETWORK ACCESS CONTROL > WFBSS Endpoint Protection > General

  1. Optionally enable WFBSS Endpoint Protection.
  2. Choose the action for the following:
    1. Clients without agent: Detect or Block
    2. Clients with agents using out-of-date patterns: Detect or Block
    • Block: All access to the Internet is blocked.

      If any client is blocked by the WFBSS Endpoint Protection function, the client browser is redirected to the WFBSS Endpoint Protection violation notification page.

    • Detect: Access to the network resource is logged but not blocked. This is the default.

  3. Configure the Protection List. See Adding Endpoints to the Protection List.
  4. Configure the Exception List. See Adding Endpoints to the Exception List.
  5. Click Apply.