Performing a Ping Test

Purpose: Use a ping test to verify the gateway configuration or to troubleshoot gateway connectivity.

Location: Gateways > (Selected Gateway) > Gateway Information > Tools

  1. Click on the Ping tool icon.
  2. Enter an IPv4 address or a domain name to ping.
  3. Optional: Enter additional parameters for ping.
    • Select a network interface to send pings: Default is any interface.
    • Bytes: Default is 56.
    • Count: Default is 4. Maximum is 10.
  4. Click Ping.
  5. View ping results at the bottom of the page.
    • Historical ping results are stored for two weeks and are displayed below the current ping results.
    • A maximum of ten results are displayed in the historical ping results.
    • If you leave the Tools screen, results are cleared from the page.