Gateway Information

Purpose: Click a gateway name to manage that gateway from Cloud Edge Cloud Console.

Location: Gateways > (Selected Gateway)

To manage a selected gateway from Cloud Edge Cloud Console, you can do the following:
  • View information and perform tasks under the gateway information section.

    • View general information, system status information, and gateway logs and events about the selected gateway.

    • Use tools to troubleshoot network connection issues or enable/disable conservative mode for high traffic conditions.

  • Configure network settings.

    • Interfaces (including VLANS)

    • Administrative access

    • DHCP

    • Dynamic DNS

    • Routing table (viewing only)

    • Static routes

    • NAT

  • Configure bandwidth control.

  • Configure user VPN.

    • L2TP VPN

    • SSL VPN

  • Configure Site–to–Site VPN.

  • Configure end-user management.

    • General settings

    • LDAP settings

  • Configure LDAP

  • Manage gateway updates.

  • Configure network access control.

    • WFBSS Endpoint Protection

    • Suspicious Endpoints