Viewing Endpoint Devices

Purpose: View endpoint devices discovered on your network by Cloud Edge.

Location: Gateways > (gateway) > Device Recognition > Endpoint Devices

  1. (Optional) Click on a device name to view more device information and vulnerabilities.
  2. (Optional) Above the table, select a range of time to view the history of discovered devices during that time period.
  3. (Optional) Above the table, click the refresh button to refresh the Cloud Edge Cloud Console screen.

    The information from the Cloud Edge gateway is not refreshed.

  4. (Optional) On the left side of the table, select specific device categories to filter the devices shown in the table.
  5. Click on a column header to sort the table by that column.

    By default, the table is sorted by Severity and then by Name.

  6. (Optional) At the bottom of the table, use the pagination controls to navigate the multiple pages of the table.