Endpoint Devices

The Endpoint Devices screen contains a table with the following information about endpoint devices discovered in your network by Cloud Edge:

  • Name: The name of the device.

  • Device Category: The device category that is automatically assigned by Cloud Edge.

  • IP Address: The IPv4 and IPv6 address of the device.

  • MAC Address: The MAC address of the device.

  • Severity: The severity level based on the vulnerabilities and weak passwords discovered on the device.

    Cloud Edge shows the following severity levels:

    • Green: The device may have open ports. The device has no detected weak passwords and no detected vulnerabilities.

    • Yellow: The device has weak passwords and may have open ports. The device has no detected vulnerabilities.

    • Red: The device has vulnerabilities. The device may have weak passwords and open ports.

  • Vulnerabilities: The amount of vulnerabilities and weak passwords on the device.