Device Recognition

In Cloud Edge Cloud Console you can discover, view, and manage endpoint devices. In addition, Cloud Edge can scan endpoint devices for vulnerabilities.

Cloud Edge automatically detects new endpoint devices in your network. It may take several minutes before Cloud Edge detects a new endpoint device in your network. To discover endpoint devices, Cloud Edge actively sends packets to probe for new endpoint devices and passively detects endpoint devices that send network traffic through Cloud Edge.

Each Cloud Edge gateway can support a maximum of 2000 endpoint devices.

Use the following screens under Gateways > (gateway) > Device Recognition to perform these functions:

  • Endpoint Devices: This screen shows a filterable list of endpoint devices, the severity of each endpoint device, and the amount of vulnerabilities on each endpoint device. For more details, see Endpoint Devices.

  • General Settings: This screen provides the option to manually initiate or schedule vulnerability scans as well as set the recognition mode. For more details, see General Scan Settings.

  • Endpoint Device Details: This screen shows detailed device information and vulnerabilities on the device. For more details, see Endpoint Device Details.

While most functions are performed under Device Recognition, the following elements are also related to endpoint device management:

  • Device Categories Requiring Attention: Located in the Device Map & Security tab of the Dashboard, this widget shows the network topology as well as the amount of endpoint devices with vulnerabilities, Internet security, and policy enforcement.

  • Policy Rules: Located in Polices, this screen provides the option to deploy a policy to an endpoint device based on the endpoint device category.