Dashboard Overview

Monitor your network integrity through the dashboard. Each user has an independent dashboard. Changes made to one user account dashboard do not affect other user account dashboards

The dashboard consists of the following user interface elements:

  • Tabs

    Tabs provide a container for widgets. Customize the dashboard by adding or modifying tabs and widgets, as needed. The dashboard can support up to 10 tabs. Each tab on the dashboard can hold up to 10 widgets.

    For more information about tabs, see Tabs.


    At least one tab must remain on the dashboard at all times.

  • Widgets

    Widgets represent the core components of the dashboard. Widgets contain visual charts and graphs that track threats and associate them with log statistics aggregated from one or several gateways. The dashboard uses a widget framework that allows you to select how widgets display information. After clicking a data point on a widget, select a filter to investigate activity related to that filter or select View Logs to investigate activity related to that log category.

For more information about widgets, see Widgets.