Summary Report Content

The following table outlines the different types of summary report content available in Cloud Edge Services.
Category Description


Shows different icons for different risk levels.
  • Safe (): There is no threat detected by Cloud Edge.
  • Warning (): There are some threats detected by Cloud Edge, but no C&C callback detection.
  • Risky (): C&C callback detection by Cloud Edge.

Network Threats

Displays top 3 IPS detections including IPS rules and detected counts.

Web Threats

Displays top 3 WRS detections URLs including count of blocked websites and users.

Displays top 3 detected URL categories including count of URL category detections and users.

Spam Mail Threats

A chart indicating the number of spam mails user received in chronological order.

Other Threats

Ransomware detection, C&C callback detection, and malware detections.


Displays the network usage, including the total received, total sent and total bandwidth.

Also displays the Top Visited URL Category, Top Visited Website, Top Visited User, and Top Ranked Application.