Adding/Editing Summary Report Templates

Purpose: Add or edit summary report templates by defining the report template name and other settings.

Location: Analysis & Reports > Reports > Summary Reports > Add/Edit

  1. Configure report information.
    • Report name

    • Description

    • Enable

  2. Specify the report template settings.
    • Generation schedule: Select when to run the report.

    • Report period: Select a time range.

    • Saved reports: Select the top number of events to include in the report.

  3. Optionally enable Send Report Notification.
    • Mail recipients: Separate multiple addresses with a comma.

    • Mail subject: Specify the email subject.

    • Message: Specify the email message body in HTML format.

    • Include report as attachment: Select to attach a PDF or CSV file to the email message.

  4. Select the gateways or gateway groups to include in the report.
    Tip: Use the search box to search for a gateway or gateway groups.
  5. Click Save.