Adding/Editing Report Templates

Purpose: Add or edit report templates by defining the report template name and other settings.

Location: Analysis & Reports > Reports > Add/Edit

  1. Configure report information.
    • Report name

    • Description

    • Enable

  2. Specify the report template settings.
    • Generation schedule: Select when to run the report.

    • Report period: Select a time range.

    • Saved reports: Select the top number of events to include in the report.

  3. Optionally enable Send Report Notification.
    • Mail recipients: Separate multiple addresses with a comma.

    • Mail subject: Specify the email subject.

    • Message: Specify the email message body in HTML format.

    • Include report as attachment: Select to attach a PDF or CSV file to the email message.

  4. Select the gateways or gateway groups to include in the report.

    Use the search box to search for a gateway or gateway groups.

  5. Select all users, selected users and groups, or IP addresses and IP address ranges to include in the report.
  6. Define individual report types and options.
  7. Optionally enable Custom Reports.

    When you save a log favorite, a custom report auto-generates for you to access that log information as a report template at a later time.

    See Log Favorites.

  8. Click Save.