Managing Policy Enforcement

Purpose: View and analyze how policies control network traffic. After reviewing the logs, adjust policy rules to allow or filter certain traffic and to troubleshoot improperly configured policies.

Location: Analysis & Reports > LOG ANALYSIS > Policy Enforcement

  1. To analyze log data, select desired filtering options including gateway groups, time period, the filter to group by, and top number of detections.

    If there are more than 20 affected gateways, you must specify a gateway name to view the raw logs.

  2. To save the current query for later analysis as a log favorite and a new report type, click Save at the top-right and then select Save As Favorite .
  3. Click a data point and select View Logs to drill down into the raw logs. Here you can also export the raw logs to a CSV file.
  4. Customize which columns to display or export, by clicking on Select Columns and then selecting the columns that you want displayed.

    Policy Enforcement Raw Log Display Columns

    After selecting the columns to display, you can close the Select Columns box by clicking on the "x".