Advanced LDAP Authentication

Cloud Edge provides an advanced authentication mode configuration for users familiar with LDAP.

In the advanced mode configuration, users can add, delete, move, and refresh LDAP servers.

Cloud Edge supports the following LDAP server types:

  • MS Active Directory
  • OpenLDAP

For server relationships, Cloud Edge only supports “fail-over” for the previously mentioned servers. If authentication against the primary server fails, Cloud Edge will attempt to authenticate against a secondary server.

Note: Cloud Edge only supports multiple LDAP servers in same domain for fail-over. Cloud Edge does not support multiple domains for different LDAP servers.

For LDAP authentication method, Cloud Edge supports the following LDAP authentication methods for both MS Active Directory and OpenLDAP:

  • Simple
  • Kerberos

For both Basic and Advanced Modes, click the Test LDAP Server Connection button to verify the ability to authenticate against the configured LDAP servers, and to report the results.