Configuring LDAP Settings

Purpose: Configure LDAP settings for user authentication.

Location: Administration > USER AUTHENTICATION > LDAP Settings

  1. Select one of the following options:


    Specify the Domain name, User name, and Password. For details, see Basic LDAP Authentication.


    Specify the authentication server, base DN, user name and password used to bind to the LDAP server, add LDAP servers, and select the authentication method. For details, see Advanced LDAP Authentication.


    The Cloud Edge G3 devices do not support LDAP or Radius.

  2. Click Test LDAP Server Connection.

    After clicking the Test LDAP Server Connection button, the system will use the automatically-selected gateway to test the connection. If you are to select a specific gateway, choose from the dropdown list beside Choose a gateway to sync or test.

  3. Click Save.