Hosted Users and Groups

Allow users to log on through VPN or Captive Portal by creating hosted user accounts on Cloud Edge Cloud Console. Optionally organize hosted users into groups to deploy policies that affect all hosted users assigned to the hosted group. VPN and Captive Portal are managed by Cloud Edge Cloud Console.

Cloud Edge Cloud Console synchronizes hosted users and groups to all gateways in the same company. Optionally set policies and perform reports on this synchronized information.

If using hosted users and groups for authentication, disabling a hosted user account blocks that user from logging on to VPN and Captive Portal.

Note: For Cloud Edge gateway models that do not support VPN, you can use hosted users and groups to log on through Captive Portal.

Authentication for users is not supported for IPv6 traffic. This includes any functionality that depends on user authentication such as administrative access, policies that use users for security control, Captive Portal, and so on.