Creating a Service Plan

Use service plans to issue licenses to customers and set up different licensing plans for your products/services and customers. You must use the Licensing Management Platform (LMP) to create service plans.

  1. Single sign-on to LMP through Remote Manager.
  2. Go to Users & Licenses > Service Plans.
  3. Click Create Service Plan.
  4. Specify service plan settings.
    Option Description

    Service plan name

    Specify a name for the service plan that appears in LMP and Remote Manager.


    Select the relevant Cloud Edge product or service.

    Licensing types include licenses for Cloud Edge gateway models, Virtual Analyzer for Cloud Edge, and Log Forwarding Service for Cloud Edge.

    Version type

    Select Trial or Full.

    Trial form

    Optionally enable the trial form for this service plan.


    Select Seat(s).

    Data center

    Select the country for customer locations.

    Activation policy

    Configure when the service plan activates.

    Managing product/service

    Select this option to allow Remote Manager to control Cloud Edge.


    Remote Manager requires this setting to manage Cloud Edge.

  5. Specify the subscription policy settings.
    Option Description

    Initial license period

    Configure the initial period during which the subscription is valid. After this period, the subscription must be renewed or it will expire.


    Select to renew the subscription automatically.

    Expiration notification

    Select the number of days before the subscription expires to send customers an expiration notification.

    The license status is visible in the table when you click Users & Licenses > Customers and then click a customer.

  6. Click OK.
  7. At the confirmation message, click Yes.