Creating a Company and Assigning the Service Plan

  1. Single sign-on to LMP through Remote Manager.
  2. Go to Users & Licenses > Customers.
  3. Click Create customer.
  4. Specify Company Profile information.
    Option Description

    Company and Address

    Specify the customer's company name and optionally specify the customer address.

    City, State, and Postal code

    Specify the customer's city, state, and postal code.


    Select the customer's country.


    Optionally enter notes.

  5. Specify User Account(s) information.
    Option Description

    Account name

    Specify the account name for your customer.

    User role

    Set to "Administrator" (not configurable).

    Contact person

    Specify the contact person's name.

    Email address

    Specify an email address for the account.

    Time zone

    Select the customer's time zone.


    Select the preferred language that appears on Cloud Edge Cloud Console and in which the customer will receive reports and notifications.

    Send account creation email

    Select when to send the account creation email message to the customer.

  6. Click Assign Service Plan.
  7. Select one or more service plans created at Creating a Service Plan.
  8. For each selected service plan, select the License start date.
  9. For each selected service plan, set Units per license to the maximum seats allowed by your product license.
  10. Click Save.
  11. Verify the following:
    • The company has been added to the Customers list at Users & Licenses > Customers.

    • The company shows the correct service plans.

  12. Return to Remote Manager by clicking Trend Micro Remote Manager at the top-right corner.