Viewing General Gateway Information

Purpose: View hardware, network, and registration information for selected gateways.

Location: Gateways > (Selected Gateway) > Gateway Information > General

View the gateway information. Gateway Information
  • Display name: The gateway's name. You can use gateway actions to rename the gateway.

  • Status: Current status in Cloud Edge Cloud Console for the gateway.

  • Last policy deployment: Time stamp for the most recent logs uploaded from the gateway to Cloud Edge Cloud Console.

  • Policy deployment status: Last policy deployment result.

  • Total users: The user count of active sessions in the last 15 minutes.

Network Settings
  • Deployment mode: Whether the Cloud Edge appliance is deployed in Bridge Mode or Routing Mode.

    A Cloud Edge appliance deployed as a Software Switch configuration is listed as a Bridge Mode device. See the Cloud Edge On-Premises chapter of the Cloud Edge Deployment Guide for more information about deployment modes.

  • Host name: The Cloud Edge appliance host name.

  • DNS: The Cloud Edge appliance DNS settings.

  • WAN: The Cloud Edge appliance gateway and subnet mask settings.

  • Interface status (Virtual Interface status in Bridge Mode): The interface link state.

    Hover over an interface to see the following link information: link speed, duplex, MTU, send and receive packets, send and receive bytes

Hardware and Registration
  • Model: The Cloud Edge appliance hardware model.

  • Serial number: The currently registered serial number.

  • Hard disk parameters

  • Registration date: The date and time when the Cloud Edge appliance registered as a gateway.

  • Version: The Cloud Edge appliance build number.

  • Uptime: The running time since the Cloud Edge appliance hardware powered on.

  • Mail security status: The current status of Cloud Edge mail security scanning.

    • Cloud scan is enabled.

    • Local scan is enabled.

    • Cloud scan has failed back to local scan since YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss TZ.

      TZ represents the timezone of the company.

    • Email security is disabled.


    "--" is displayed when the Cloud Edge appliance is offline.