Cloud Edge supports Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) to tunnel PPTP traffic between two VPN peers. Windows or Linux PPTP clients can establish a PPTP tunnel with a Cloud Edge appliance that has been configured to act as a PPTP server. As an alternative, forward PPTP packets to a PPTP server on the network behind the Cloud Edge appliance. PPTP VPN is available only in NAT/Route mode. The current maximum number of PPTP sessions is 254.

When using the Cloud Edge appliance as a PPTP gateway, select a PPTP client IP from a local address range or use the server defined in the PPTP user group. Select which method to use for IP address retrieval and, in the case of the user group server, provide the IP address and the user group.


Cloud Edge supports IPv4-to-IPv4 PPTP VPN access.

Certain Cloud Edge appliance models do not support VPN.