Custom URL Categories

Add custom URL categories to subject URLs that are not part of the Trend Micro predefined categories to secure access rules.


Custom URL categories can be applied to the following:

  • Risk rules

  • Internet access rules

  • HTTPS inspection rules

The following table outlines the actions available on the Custom URL Categories tab (Zero Trust Secure Access > Secure Access Resources > Custom URL Categories).



Add a custom URL category

  1. On the Custom URL Categories tab, and click Add.

  2. Specify a unique name for the category. This name appears in the available URL categories list when you configure internet access rules and HTTPS inspection rules.

  3. Select a match mode, specify the domains, keywords, or URLs based on the match mode, separating them with spaces, and then click Add.


    Zero Trust Secure Access supports the following wildcard characters:

    • * : Matches any number of characters

    • ? : Matches a single character in a specific position

    To remove an entry, click at the end of the column corresponding to the entry.

  4. Click Save.

Check custom URL category details

View the basic information about a URL category.

Configure a custom URL category

Click in the Action column to change the basic information about a URL category.

Click in the Action column to duplicate a URL category. This provides a convenient way of adding a new URL category with settings similar to an existing category.

Click in the Action column to delete a URL category from Trend Vision One.

To delete more than one URL category, select the categories and click Delete in the upper left.


Only the custom URL category that is not in use by any secure access rule or HTTPS inspection rule can be deleted.