Custom Cloud App Categories

Add custom cloud app categories that you can use in secure access rules to allow or deny users' access to specific cloud apps.

Trend Micro provides the Cloud Reputation Services that can identify and categorize cloud applications. Trend Micro experts constantly evaluate, assess, and adjust cloud applications' risk levels based on multiple criteria to ensure that customers always have the latest information.


Custom cloud app categories can be applied to the following:

  • Risk rules

  • Internet access rules

You can view and manage the cloud apps that are accessed by your users in the Operations Dashboard app. For more information, see Cloud App Profile.

Integrated with Cloud Reputation Services, Trend Vision One allows you to group a set of cloud applications based on your corporate compliance, and then add them in internet access control rules to contain access to these apps.

The following table outlines the actions available on the Custom Cloud App Categories tab (Zero Trust Secure Access > Secure Access Resources > Custom Cloud App Categories).

Action Description

Add a custom cloud app category

For more information, see Adding a Custom Cloud App Category.

Check custom cloud app category details

View the basic information about a custom cloud app category.

Configure a custom cloud app category

Click to change the basic information about a custom cloud app category.

Click to duplicate a custom cloud app category. This provides a convenient way of adding a new custom cloud app category with settings similar to an existing category.

Click to delete a custom cloud app category from Trend Vision One.

To delete more than one custom cloud app category, select the categories and click Delete in the upper left.


Only the custom cloud app category that is not in use by any secure access rule can be deleted.

View predefined custom cloud app categories

Internet Access predefines two custom cloud app categories, one containing all cloud apps with a risk level of "high" and the other containing all sanctioned cloud apps.


To modify the risk level of a cloud app and sanction or unsanction a cloud app, go to the Operations Dashboard app.

The predefined custom cloud app categories update automatically when the risk level or app status of a cloud app changes.

Click to view the latest list of cloud apps in each custom cloud app category.