Private Access - Client vs Browser Access

Determine whether end users access internal applications using an installed module or using an internet portal.

Zero Trust Secure Access Private Access provides you the option of using an installed module on end users devices that manages SSO connections to your corporate resources or a web-based User Portal that users sign in to view authorized apps.

Both the client access and browser access options require that you identify internal corporate applications by deploying Private Access Connectors.

Access Type



Client access

Installed on end-user devices and integrated with your IAM solution, the Secure Access Module transfers connection attempts to configured Private Access Connectors that enforce Private Access Control rules

  • Integrates completely with your IAM allowing seamless SSO with minimal user interaction

  • Provides device-based access rules ensuring authorization on both the users and device levels

  • Supports major access protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, RDP, SSH, SFTP, TELNET, VNC, TCP, and UDP

  • Prevents access from external locations

  • Also manages Internet Access proxy settings

Browser access

For external users that require access to internal resources, the User Portal allows your end users to sign into your integrated IAM and view a list of all internal resources permitted by your Private Access Control rules

  • Agent-less solution

  • Allows authorized users to access internal network applications from external locations