Private Access Connector Configuration

Deploy groups of Private Access Connector virtual appliances and manage them on the Trend Vision One console.

A connector group consists of one or multiple Private Access Connectors that are deployed to an entry point in your on-premises data center or cloud IaaS environment. The corporate applications to enforce access control are reachable by the group of Private Access Connectors in the same environment. Deployment of multiple Private Access Connectors allows load balancing and scalability in private access control.

The Private Access Connectors tab provides an overview of the connector groups and their Private Access Connectors connected to Trend Vision One.



Create a Private Access Connector group

  1. Click Add Private Access Connector Group.

  2. On the Add Private Access Connector Group panel, specify a name and description for the group.

  3. Configure automatic update settings.

  4. To add the Private Access Connector, click Save and Continue.

  5. On the Private Access Connector Virtual Appliance panel, select a platform.

  6. Click Close.


You can deploy Private Access Connectors on multiple platforms under a connector group.

Deploy a Private Access Connector

  1. Locate the connector group to which you want add the Private Access Connector.

  2. Deploy the Private Access Connector virtual appliance on supported platforms.

    For more information, see Private Access Connector Deployment.

Check Private Access Connector group details

  • View the basic information about a connector group and the Private Access Connectors registered under the group.

  • Click the name of a connector group to view more details about the connection status and resource usage regarding each Private Access Connector under the group.

Configure a Private Access Connector group

  • Click to deploy a Private Access Connector to the group.

  • Click to change the basic information about a group and schedule an automatic update for all Private Access Connectors under the group.

  • Click to delete a connector group from Trend Vision One.


    Only the connector group with no registered Private Access Connectors and no applicable internal apps can be deleted.

Configure a Private Access Connector

  • Click to change the basic information about a Private Access Connector.

  • Click to delete a Private Access Connector from Trend Vision One. Deleting a Private Access Connector purges its settings and usage data stored on Trend Vision One.


    The Private Access Connectors deployed using scale set VM deployment on Microsoft Azure cannot be deleted on Trend Vision One. For more information about modifying the Private Access Connector count, see Deploying the Private Access Connector on Microsoft Azure.

    To delete more than one Private Access Connector under the same group, select the Private Access Connectors and click Delete in the upper left.

  • Click to update a single Private Access Connector.

  • Click to test the connection speed between a Private Access Connector and Private Access.

Configure unusual status notifications

  • To send alerts when the status of Private Access Connectors changes to "Disconnected" or "Unhealthy", click Configure Unusual Status Notifications in the upper right, and then configure alert settings for Private Access Connector status abnormal in the Notifications app.