Trend Micro Web App Discovery Chrome Extension

Discover the associated web apps that run when accessing your internal apps through the use of Trend Micro Web App Discovery.

  1. Locate and install the extension.
    1. In the Trend Vision One console, go to Zero Trust Secure Access > Secure Access Configuration > Private Access Configuration.
    2. Click the Internal Applications tab.
    3. Click Add Internal Application.

      The Add Internal Application screen appears.

    4. Click the Browser Access tab, and enable Allow users to access via a user portal provided by Trend Micro.
    5. Under the Protocol dropdown list, click the Trend Micro Web App Discovery link.
    6. Click Add to Chrome to download and install the Chrome extension.
    7. In the confirmation dialog that appears, click Add extension.
  2. (Recommended) Configure Chrome to allow the extension to operate in Incognito mode.
    1. In the browser window, go to Settings () > More tools > Extensions.
    2. In the Extensions screen, find Trend Micro Web App Discovery, and click Details.
    3. Enable Allow in Incognito.

      If you choose not to use Incognito mode, ensure that you close all additional tabs and clear the browser cache before executing Web App Discovery to avoid false positives.

  3. Locate all associated applications for your target internal app.
    1. Close all open Chrome browser sessions.
    2. Open Chrome in Incognito mode.
    3. Click Extensions () > Trend Micro Web App Discovery.

      A normal Chrome browser session opens, displaying the Trend Micro Web App Discovery extension.

    4. Go back to the Incognito window, and specify your app's URL in the address bar.

      Trend Micro Web App Discovery, which is still open in the normal Chrome browser, automatically starts populating the list with apps associated with the URL specified in the Incognito window.

    5. To located all associated web apps, ensure that you complete all necessary app processes, such as sign on and authorization.
    6. View all domains and corresponding IP addresses that the browser requested on the Trend Micro Web App Discovery extension.

    All possible corporate assets have a star next to the URL. To view only the corporate assets, select Possible corporate assets from the dropdown.

    You can temporarily pause web app discovery by disabling the toggle.

  4. Add the discovered web apps to the list of internal applications in Zero Trust Secure Access in the Add Internal Application panel.

    Configuring internal apps with your company's IP address is recommended.

  5. Close the Trend Micro Web App Discovery tab to end app discovery.