Internal Application Configuration

Add your corporate applications and manage them on the Trend Vision One console to enforce access control by the Zero Trust Secure Access app.

Your corporate applications are hosted in your on-premises data center or a cloud IaaS environment on your corporate network. Determine the applications that you want access control over and associate it with a group of Private Access Connectors in the same environment.

You can configure the way you allow your users to authenticate themselves and request access to an internal app, that is, via the Secure Access Module (Client Access) or the Trend Micro provided user portal (Browser Access) or both. For more information about the Secure Access Module and the user portal, see Secure Access Module Deployment and User Portal for Private Access Configuration.

The Internal Applications tab provides an overview of your organization's private apps that you want to protect against unauthorized access.



Add an internal app

Check internal app details

  • View the basic information about an internal app and its associated connector group.

Modify an internal app

  • To change the basic information about an internal app, click in the Action column.

Delete an internal app

  • To delete an internal app from Trend Vision One, click in the Action column.

  • To delete more than one internal app, select the apps and click Delete in the upper left.


    Only the internal application that is not in use by any secure access rule can be deleted.

Check reachability of an internal app

  • To manually trigger the Private Access Connector of the selected group to perform a check and report on it, click in the Action column.


    This action is available only when Reachability check for the internal app is enabled and configured.

View reachability status of an internal app

  • View the icon in front of the app name that indicates the reachability status of the internal app.

    Reachability status includes:

    • : The internal app is reachable by all Private Access Connectors under the selected group.

    • : The internal app is not reachable by at least one Private Access Connector under the selected group.

    • : The Private Access Connector is checking reachability to the internal app.

    • : The reachability check task is queued.

    • : Reachability check for the internal app is not configured.

  • To view details about the reachability check, click the arrow for each internal app.

Manage app group tags

  • To add an app group tag, specify a tag name in the App group tag text box when configuring an internal app.

  • To modify or delete the custom tags used to identify a group of internal apps, click in the upper right of the screen.

Manage certificates

  • To upload and manage the web server certificates of your internal applications that are used for Browser Access, click Manage Certificates in the upper right of the screen.

    For more information, see Managing Certificates.