Global Settings

Configure the settings that apply to the private access service.



Custom Domain Name for Browser Access

Specify a custom domain name for Trend Vision One to generate a unique user portal URL and CNAME for your organization’s users to access internal apps via web browser.

For more information, see User Portal for Private Access Configuration.

Inactive Users

Specify whether to automatically sign users out of the Secure Access Module for private access after a period of inactivity.

  1. Select the check box to enable automatic sign out from the Module if a user account is signed in to the Module but stays inactive for a period of time, that is, with no internal app access traffic.

  2. Specify a time.

    The default value is 30 minutes. The time ranges between 10 and 480 minutes.

  3. Click somewhere outside of the text box.

    The setting is saved automatically and applies to users next time when they sign in to the Module.

    After being signed out, users need to click Connect to sign in again for the private access service. The internet access service is not affected.