Zero Trust Secure Access

The Zero Trust Secure Access app secures all access across internal and cloud applications and environments from any user, device, location, at any time.

Trend Vision One offers a comprehensive solution - Zero Trust Secure Access - to ensure that only authenticated users with compliant devices can connect to authorized applications and network resources at a given location and time. By eliminating the excessive trust placed on networks and locations and by providing device-aware, identity-based, and rule-powered access control, Zero Trust Secure Access allows you to make adaptive, automated decisions on Private and Internet Access to mitigate, detect, and respond to risks in your network environments. This complete security model helps you take advantage of the benefits of cloud applications while maintaining control of your corporate resources.

Zero Trust Secure Access manages user risk and controls access to resources using the following kinds of rules:

  • Private access rules control access to private or internal apps, including private cloud apps. Enforce private access rules with connector virtual appliances associated with each private app.

  • Internet access rules control access to the internet, such as blocking certain kinds of risky sites or public cloud apps. Enforce internet access rules with an Internet Access Gateway.

  • Risk control rules control user accounts and devices based on risk scores and other behavior. Risk control rules can also block private or internet access for individual users under preset conditions.

A secure access module is installed on each device to enforce the rules, and secure access should be permitted by existing firewalls. Alternatively, PAC files and local gateways can facilitate access to network resources for devices that cannot install the secure access module.

The following table describes each screen in Zero Trust Secure Access that you can access from the left navigation.



Secure Access Overview

Provides a summary view of risk control, private access, and internet access rules across your environment

Secure Access Rules

Manage secure access rules to control access to internal/internet apps and services, as well as user access

Secure Access Resources

Manage the conditions and settings that are used in secure access rule configuration

Secure Access History

Provides detailed logs about user/device access to internal and internet resources

Secure Access Configuration

Deploy Private Access and Internet Access services