Assigning Alerts

Assign ownership to keep your security team up to date on alerts.

Assigning ownership allows you to specify which team members within your organization you want to track and receive notifications regarding specified alerts. Each team member must have a Trend Vision One account. You can assign multiple accounts to an alert, and can assign multiple alerts at a time.


You can also assign incidents to your team members. For more information, see Assigning Incidents.

  1. Go to XDR Threat Investigation > Workbench > Alert View.
  2. Select one or more alerts.
  3. Click Assign Owner.
  4. Specify one or more Trend Vision One accounts as the Assignee.
  5. Click Apply.

    Adding new assignees overrides the current owners for the specified alerts.


    To remove all owners from an alert with assigned owners, leave the Assignee field empty and click Apply.