Changing the Search Results View

Change the view and create custom views to define how Data Grouping and Search Results are displayed.

When viewing search results, switch between views by clicking View and selecting a view from the drop-down menu.

View types:

  • Standard View: The default view. Only the Logged column is displayed.

  • Column View: Values are organized into user-defined field columns. Each specified field defines a single column.

  • Field Group View: Fields and values are organized into user-defined groups. Groups of specified fields define a single group.


    The Field Group view includes the pre-configured Recommended Groups view.

To add a new custom view, complete the following steps.

  1. After performing a search, expand the View drop-down menu and click Create View.
  2. Specify a name for the view.
  3. Configure the Data Grouping settings.
    1. Click Select Fields.
    2. Select the fields to display in the Data Grouping section.
    3. Click Apply.
  4. Configure the Search Results settings.
    1. Select either Column or Field Group view type.
    2. Click Select Fields.
    3. Select the fields that define the columns in Column View or the groups in Field Group view.
  5. Click Create.

The next time you perform a search, you can select your custom view from the View list.