Specify the contact information, response approval settings and critical asset list for your organization.



Contact Information

  • Add contacts

    Make sure you add at least one contact during the initial setup. The Managed Services operations team may contact the phone number you specified in an emergency.


    To change your preferences in receiving phone call notifications for different alert severities, contact the Managed Services operations team.

    By default, the first contact you add serves as the primary contact. If there is only one contact, the only contact must allow both alert and report notifications.


    Be aware of the following when specifying an email address:

    • The email address is mandatory for the primary contact.

    • The email address is mandatory if you set a contact to receive report notifications only.

    • Each contact must have a unique email address.

  • Manage existing contacts

    Update contact information or remove contacts if necessary. To change the primary contact, drag and drop another contact to the top of the list.

Response Approval

Configure response approval settings to specify how response actions proceed before execution.

For more information about actions the operations team can perform on your behalf, see Response Actions.

For instructions on enabling auto approval of requests, see Configuring Response Approval Settings.

Asset Management

Maintain a CSV file that contains your asset information and click Import Assets.


Make sure the CSV file you import is smaller than 6 KB.