Security Features and XDR Sensors

Review security features and XDR sensors to provide coverage and visibility for discovering attack indicators.

The Security Features and XDR Sensors sections provide an overview of feature coverage within your environment.


Targeted Attack Detection requires enabling Smart Feedback on management servers to begin analyzing your Smart Protection Network data.

Enabling Smart Feedback and XDR sensors improves attack visibility. Enabling Predictive Machine Learning and Behavior Monitoring enhance security capability.

Targeted Attack Detection displays coverage as a percentage. For security features, this is the percentage of management servers in your environment with the feature enabled. For XDR sensors, the app calculates the percentage according to the number of sensors enabled versus how many sensors you can enable according to your product license or available credits. Increasing coverage provides more data from across your network, allowing for more accurate analysis and monitoring of your environment.

Click on security features to view a list of management servers and manage features. Click on XDR sensors to go to the Inventory app and manage sensors



Smart Feedback

Shares threat information with the Smart Protection Network, allowing Trend Micro to rapidly identify and address new threats

Predictive Machine Learning

Protects your network from new, previously unidentified, or unknown threats through advanced file feature analysis and heuristic process monitoring

Behavior Monitoring

Continuously monitors endpoints for unusual modifications to the operating system or on installed software

Endpoint Sensor

Detects malicious or anomalous activities on monitored endpoints and servers

For more information, see Endpoint Inventory.

Network Sensor

Enables XDR and advanced threat analysis

For more information, see Network Inventory.

Email Sensor

Detects malicious or anomalous email activities on monitored mailboxes

For more information, see Email Account Inventory.